JAPAN ENTREPRENEUR AWARD 2021 Kenja no Sentaku Leaders Club

JAPAN ENTREPRENEUR AWARD 2021 Award Grand prize 1,000,000Yen Category Award 5Category 300,000Yen The winners will be supported by our community member,sponcer, supporter JAPAN ENTREPRENEUR AWARD 2021 Award Grand prize 1,000,000Yen Category Award 5Category 300,000Yen The winners will be supported by our community member,sponcer, supporter


Grand prize 1,000,000Yen


Category Sponsor / Nihon M&A Center Inc. HORIBA, Ltd SBI Holdings, Inc. P ARK Holdings Co., Ltd. NPO SK Dream Japan
Supported by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 
Organizer by Kenjya no Sentaku Leaders Club

Japan’s largest “entrepreneur development platform” where the best executives gather to nurture entrepreneurs of the next generation The 6th Japan Entrepreneur Award is a business plan contest aimed at creating the ideal foundation and culture for nurturing entrepreneurs of the next generation by supporting new entrepreneurs in uncovering, screening, and commercializing their business plans.



  • Management Solution
  • Science
  • Healthcare (Medical)
  • Entertainment
  • Social business
  • The number of categories may increase.
  • Please note that your submission may be deemed to fall outside the scope of available categories upon review.
Submission Requirements
  • You must be a high school student or older.
  • Your business idea has not been commercialized, or has been commercialized less than 5 years ago.
  • You must have a strong passion for advancing businesses and projects as well as being a leader in innovation as an entrepreneur.
  • You must be able to participate in the “Final Presentation” and the “Award Ceremony” that will be held in Tokyo (All transportation expenses will be borne by you.)
  • Group submissions are also accepted (with a member nominated as the group representative).
Required Contents

In order to complete the submission you will need to send us the following:

  • Describing the business idea including business growth strategy, or business idea based on solid assumption of the coming future with logic
  • PR material of contestant
  • Selected contestants for the final pitch contest will be notified individually.
    Two to Three contestants will be selected from each category for the final round (pitch contest).
    Selected contestants will be invited to compete a 5minutes pitch contest held in Tokyo.
Judging Criteria
  • Originality: The originality of your business plan
  • Utility: Whether your plan can provide concrete solutions to existing problems
  • Market analysis: Whether you have studied and analyzed the market and competitors
  • Growth strategy: The growth strategy for your business
  • The following three criteria will also be taken into account for submissions in the “social businesses” category only.
    (Social relevance, feasibility, and innovativeness)

Please fill out the application form below and submit with materials. No restrictions on format or style. (be free and creative)

  • Please submit the required materials in either of the following formats Word/Excel/PowerPoint/PDF.
    (If you wish to submit your materials in a format other than those listed above, please consult with us beforehand.)

Material should not exceed 35MB.

Important Notes

Submissions by individuals who will not be establishing their own business will not be accepted.
Applicants who are deemed to be ineligible for this award for any reason may be disqualified at the sole discretion of the organizer.

Rights related to Proposals, etc.
  • Intellectual property rights of proposals submittedThe copyright and other intellectual property rights of the proposals submitted belong to the respective applicants. Only proposals that do not infringe the copyright and other intellectual property rights of third parties may be submitted. In the event that a submitted proposal has been determined by the organizer to have infringed the rights of a third party, or is at risk of doing so (including cases in which the infringement occurs after the proposal has been submitted), the award may be rescinded even after the results have been announced.
  • Handling of summaries, revisions, and translations of submitted proposalsPlease note that the information provided in the application form as well as content featuring the finalists at the final round may be released or used by the organizer for PR purposes in various media such as magazines, books, websites, and email magazines. In such cases, the information provided by applicants may be partially modified in the form of summaries, revisions, or translations.
  • Post-award activity reportsAward recipients will be given the opportunity to keep others up to date on their subsequent initiatives by reporting the activities they have undertaken after receiving the award to the organizer. We may also request award recipients to provide a report of how they have utilized the prize money after receiving the award.
  • Handling of personal informationThe personal information submitted by applicants will be used by the organizer, judges, other individuals essential to the judging process, and corporate sponsors for administrative purposes that are necessary for reviewing submissions, organizing the contest, and announcing the results.
    In the course of selecting the winner of each award, the personal information submitted may also be provided, either wholly or in part, to judges, other individuals essential to the judging process, or companies, organizations, and groups that are sponsoring the award, upon their request.
    The personal information submitted will not be used for any purposes other than those outlined in this section and will not be provided to any third parties, except in cases where we have obtained the prior consent of the individual in question or if required by law.
  • 1

    Open Application

  • 2

    First Round
    Contestants announcement

    2 contestants will be selected for the final round from each category
    Successful Contestants will be selected based on contents

  • 3

    Final Round
    pitch contest

    Twe contestant will be selected from each category
    Successful winner for each category will be selected based on pitch contest performance.

  • 4

    Award Ceremony

    Grand Prize winner will be selected by contents, performance of the pitch contest, and vote of our community members (One Grand prize winner will be selected from category winners)

  • August 2020~January 18, 2021 23:59


  • End of February 2021

    First Round Winner Announcement

  • March 15, 2021

    Final Round Pitch Contest
    (The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry  Hall & Conference Room)

  • April 20, 2021

    Winner announcement and Award ceremony (IMPERIAL HOTEL TOKYO)

The above schedule is subject to change depending on the submissions we receive.
The latest schedule will be announced on our homepage.

Please select and submit under the following five categories.

selection not limited to one category - multiple selection of the category is accepted if it applicable

Management Solution
Nihon M&A Center Award
Supported by
Nihon M&A Center Inc.
Yasuhiro Wakebayashi
Through M&A support services, we, Nihon M&A center have been engaging in "continuation and development of SME", and "further growth of listed company and mid-sized company". Looking into two different realities -Depopulation and Globalization has become ever more apparent in Japan; we shall expect to see the business idea with growth strategy in line with business succession, talent hiring, development and management planning, as well as work efficiency acceleration plan to invite both company and people to manifest its aptitude.
Supported by
Atsushi Horiba
Inspired by our unique motto, "JOY and FUN," we focus on social responsibilities by building state-of-the-art products for scientific advancement. Life, Nature, and Universe - Science has been always the object of search for man and continual source of inspiration. An insatiable inquiring spirit leads to discovery of unknown, finding of fundamental principles, then finally leads to establishment of technology, adding an innovative idea to this flow would become driving force behind the production of new innovation. Science is a fountain of innovation, and its power enables a creation of new business.
Science based flexible yet dream-inspiring business idea and proposal, is what we are looking forward to see.
SBI Holdings Award
Supported by
SBI Holdings, Inc.
Yoshitaka Kitao
To live in good health is a mankind's common desire. Unlike financial industry, Healthcare industry entry barriers are relatively low for it less subjected to restrictions and different legislative system of each country.
We are looking forward to see the innovative idea and proposals that enables Japan to take a great lead in global market, contributing health enhancement and long life of mankind by drug development, health food, or development of medical equipment.
P ARK Award
Supported by
P ARK Holdings Co., Ltd.
Makoto Shoji
We have been working under the corporate philosophy of "Creating the customer expectations and values, and becoming an organization that society can rely on",
In fact our credo is "Our business is to make everyday living more fun". We look forward to see the business idea that makes world more fun with an evolving entertainment.
Social business
SK Dream Japan Award
Supported by
NPO SK Dream Japan
Kazuko Sumino
We have been tackling the social issues in Japan and other Asian countries for over 10 years since our establishment.
One key area of active involvement is our work alongside Dr. Muhammad Yunus, where we attempt to develop sustainable solutions to social problems in areas such as poverty, education, and healthcare through initiatives including nurturing automobile mechanics in Bangladesh and supporting social businesses such as microfinance services in the Philippines. We hope that the ideas in the submissions we receive can give rise to many new social businesses in the future.
  • Multiple submissions under different categories are allowed.
  • The number of categories may increase.
  • Please note that your submission may be deemed to fall outside the scope of available categories upon review.

Please fill out below and submit with materials

We have stopped
accepting business plan

Submission close : 23:59 January 18, 2021

Management Solution
- Nihon M&A Center Award -

RISEby inc.
Mr.Billy Ohsaki
Mr.Takahiro Tanaka

- HORIBA Award -

Creator's NEXT
Mr.Nozomu Kubota
Team Aoyamadaigaku
Mr.Daiki Inukai

Healthcare (Medical)
- SBI Holdings Award -

CaiTech inc.
Mr.Takafumi Muto
Department of Neurosurgery Jikei University School of Medicine
Mr.Tomonobu Kodama

- P ARK Award -

UMF Association
Mr.Haruki Takamura
Mr.Hiromi Sanui

Social business
-SK Dream Japan Award -

LocalBase Inc.
Mr.​Hiroshi Tanaka
Ms.Aya Tsuboi

Grand Prize

Ms.Aya Tsuboi

Social business -SK Dream Japan Award -

Ms.Aya Tsuboi

Category award

Mr.Nozomu Kubota

Science - HORIBA Award -

Mr.Nozomu Kubota
Creator's NEXT
Mr.Nozomu Kubota
Mr.Haruki Takamura

Entertainment - P ARK Award -

UMF Association
Mr.Haruki Takamura
Ms.Aya Tsuboi

Social business -SK Dream Japan Award -

Ms.Aya Tsuboi

※The Management Solution category-Nihon M & A Center Award-and the Healthcare (Medical) category-SBI Holdings Award-are not applicable.

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